Our first full length album 2010 (Rocksector Records)

  1. How You Feel (On Me)
  2. Thrive
  3. Out Of Control
  4. You Were Out To Get Me
  5. Sue You For Your Soul
  6. Immoral Heights Of A Lowlife
  7. ... read more

Degeneration Festival

We cannot wait to hit Degeneration Festival in a few weeks time, last year was a blast and this year looks to be exactly the same!! Grab your tickets now and see you down the front! \m/

Lost Souls

The brand new 2018 studio album. Featuring the singles 'my town, my city' and 'Hell in my Eyes'. Released on CD, Limited edition red vinyl and through the usual digital stores. Track Listing:

  • The Darkest Day (Intro)
  • The Day ... read more

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