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Day Two… Back In The Saddle!

After giving Matt a couple of hours to work his magic we're straight into the control room to hear what he's done with the drum takes from yesterday and it's all sounding epic! With just one more track to nail, Sanders' work is done behind the kit. Early afternoon and all drums are tracked and mixed. As well as recording we are also all going over the new merchandise designs and the tour T-Shirt for when we hit those massive venues with Steel Panther. It looks fantastic! We can't wait to roll them out! Drums are now finished so it's time for Dann to pick up the Bass and bolster that crushing energy. Dann takes no time at all to nail the first of four tracks, only going back to throw in some fresh accents and bring some new depth to these recordings. Another boring day if you're a guitarist but with the way it's all sounding, we can't wait to get the guitars down and hear the four songs in all their glory. (more…)

Day One… Don’t Blame it on the BOOM BOOM!

We arrive at Axis Studios on time & start setting up the gear and working on the sound we want this production to have. Day one can sometimes seem a little boring but when we got to laying down the ghost tracks & actually hearing our creations come to life, well that is a special moment. The new tunes were sounding great through the headphones! Dave started to record the drum tracks for real & drop tuned for a HUGE SOUND! Massive hits everywhere! Lots of tracks being recorded... we already think this is going to sound insane. Before the day ended we got to listen to a finished track & it's sounding like it could split rocks! It's Saturday evening & we've been prone to hijack Doncaster in the past & roll around in Players Lap Dancing club like puppy dogs... we'll see. Right now the four us just wanna kick back & chill with a few drinks & think about another productive day in the studio. Photos to come soon...

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