Day One… Don’t Blame it on the BOOM BOOM!

We arrive at Axis Studios on time & start setting up the gear and working on the sound we want this production to have. Day one can sometimes seem a little boring but when we got to laying down the ghost tracks & actually hearing our creations come to life, well that is a special moment. The new tunes were sounding great through the headphones! Dave started to record the drum tracks for real & drop tuned for a HUGE SOUND! Massive hits everywhere! Lots of tracks being recorded… we already think this is going to sound insane. Before the day ended we got to listen to a finished track & it’s sounding like it could split rocks! It’s Saturday evening & we’ve been prone to hijack Doncaster in the past & roll around in Players Lap Dancing club like puppy dogs… we’ll see. Right now the four us just wanna kick back & chill with a few drinks & think about another productive day in the studio.

Photos to come soon…

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