Empire Of The Damned Album Reviews

“The raw allure of Rozey and Co. is still a major draw, but this time the kick-ass songs kick much, much harder. Empire Of The Damned is both assured and aspirational 8/10”
Rush On Rock

“With Empire Of The Damned they have made a pretty damn good record! Killer riffs slice through Disposable, Break Me and We Are Reckless. Just crank it up and embrace! KKK”
Kerrang Magazine

“Each song on this power ridden album reveals an alternative sound matching their alternative vibe. With standards set to a competitive level against similar rock bands, Falling Red are a band whose determination to conquer all will allow them to do so, collecting new followers along the way 4/5”
Black Velvet Magazine

“Empire Of The Damned is a giant step forward, almost as if the band have decided that now is the time to get serious. I really am struggling to think of a British band (they hail from the wastelands of Carlisle) that have taken this style and run with it which such purpose; if they were American, then there would be much more hype. I’m always loathe to hand out 9’s, particularly when it has been a good musical year for me and it’s happened more regularly than I’d like, but there isn’t really another option when every song on the album is recommended, hence me not bothering to pull out any for a specific mention. Well done, guys! 9/10”
PowerPlay Rock & Metal Magazine

“This record is packed with eleven high energy tracks, each with complementary melodic tones and aggressive riffs. This band is looking promising for the future 7/10”
Big Cheese Magazine

“Carlisle is a world away from LA, the USA for that matter, but northern rockers Falling Red have a similar rock strut as those across the pond albeit filtered through the raw sleaze-punk of the Backyard Babies. The riffs are served with barbs and the hooks are ground glass in honey, marking them out as definate ones to watch – and watch out for! KKKK ”
Live Review Paul Travers – Kerrang! Magazine

“Simply Ace! – one of the best the UK has to offer”
Kerrang! Magazine

“Meet the British Rockers conquering the planet one town at a time”
Classic Rock Magazine – High Hopes (full page article).

” Falling Red they never disappoint, with their energetic music and live performances. From cock rocking earlier songs to a more mature modern sound that resounds from ‘Empire Of The Damned’. The title track is now the stand out track live, an epic tune. ”
Live Review TBFM Radio/Magazine 2014

” Falling Red are a band who have gone from strength to strength over the years. They look good, they sound good and my God they are damn loud! If people are starting to feel tired from a long weekend of festival fun, then they better damn well wake up as the band aren’t going to let them just sit back and watch. They demand audience participation and high energy from the crowd, which takes some doing after three hard days of drinking. One of the bands of the day for sure, this was easily the best set we have seen from Falling Red.”
ClackBlabbath online 2014

” The penultimate band of Les-Fest 2014 is north of England based Falling Red who are out to make the very most of their chance to show a new crowd what they’re all about. There’s a large crowd to greet them as they make their way on stage and they waste no time in showing the audience their high energy show. Second song in, ‘We Escaped A Cult’, has the crowd jumping along as they enthusiastically sing-along. With their latest album, ‘Empire Of The Damned’ not long out, we’re treated a good selection from the opus including the title track which pierces the cool night air as the keyboard intro comes over the PA. Everyone in the band gives one hundred percent to their performance, and they are rewarded with huge roar of approval showing that this is a song they should be proud of and the audience seem to enjoy singing it as much as the band enjoy playing it. At the end of the day, Falling Red are a tight live band and their special guest slot performance has earned them a new fans, so watch out for more from this band soon.”
MetalTalk.Net 2014

“It’s not exactly hard to scoff at the post-Steel Panther resurgence of Glam & all its sleazy, back combed attachments, but you’d have to be a bit dead in the head not to notice the electricity coursing through this packed venue this evening. Playing in Sauna like temperatures, the revivals newest hopefuls are, figuratively if not literally, on fire tonight. UK mob Falling Red are emerging as potential genre champions, and their venomous anthems are unleashed in a speeding flood of riffs & hooks. Their 30 minute blast of smeared eyeliner punk n roll is simply ace!”
Steve Beebee – Kerrang! Magazine, Sept 2010

“Wild Cumbrian four piece giving Sweden’s sleaze rockers a run for their dirty money”
Classic Rock AOR – First Glance (full page article) – Sept 2011

“Tearing their way through a support slot of blitzkrieg rhythms & serrated rock riffs, their youthful energy is tempered by some serious song writing chops that belie their fresh faces. The likes of ‘Shake The Faith’ roar forth from The Gaffs sound system like dive bombing tigers as the lads kick out a racket that gets heads a nodding and pretty girls a swaying. Destined to work their way up the UK Rock pile, catch them now while you can.”
Jim Sharples – Big Cheese Magazine

“Riotous slabs of hard edged sleaze that remind me of the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Skid Row but with the attitude of the Sex Pistols. One of the finest live bands I’ve seen this year.”
Rob Evans – Power Play Magazine, Nov 2010

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