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Hell In My Eyes


The Day I Lost My Soul

My Town, My City


FALLING RED are a bunch of stylish, Cumbrian-based, lifeblood heavy-rockers who deliver exhilarating live music to everyone they meet.

Their sleaze meister rock ‘n’ roll metal numbers are mostly assembled by two scuzzle-highway, sweat-sockers named Rozey (pronounced “Rosie” — he’s the frontman of the band and their lead guitarist) and Dave (he’s the drummer). Dave & Rozey have played in the band since its formation. They establish the songs which become thunderously embellished by the other founder-member (welcome back the original angry-man Shane on guitar) and Mikey, who joined the band later, who plays bass. Everybody offers vocals.

Famously, these British good-time rockers do not take themselves too seriously, “When we play live shows we find we need to participate in all the party-time antics, so we offer thrill-rides a-plenty. We supply vibrating sensations, ecstatic tingles and the best rockin’ time of your life.”

Despite their crazy hair, entertaining use of industrial-strength make-up and general randy-dandiness, these Cumbrian dirt-moguls are not posers from the suburbs. No, they’re gallant protagonists of an impoverished state, proud of their humble rural condition. As a result, they’ve found they need to work around the clock to get themselves heard.

And, although they are often compared with Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses, they insist they are not really a spangly-fangled hairspray act at all, “We’re peasant metal, if anything…” they suggest. “We play a little country rock, some metal, some sentimental ballads and, of course, lots of the hard rock we are known for! None of it is too abrasive or angle-grinding. Our material’s got great guitars, hard-rocking power chords and rejuvenating harmonizations. We like the definition “post-sleaze” because it kinda recognizes that we offer something a bit different.”

However, the boys have toured/shared the stage with Sebastian Bach, Ugly Kid Joe, Steel Panther, The Dirty Youth and other glam-bands in the past. “We have developed a thick skin,” they explain. “We realize that people will always make comparisons.”

Do their songs have political messages? “Hell no! But we hate the way of the world right now. It’s so full of schemers, scammers, false gods and dictators. We particularly hate the idea that money seems to buy everything these days: it even buys talent, power, love & forgiveness. If anything gets us riled it’s all the greed. So we write impetuously about truth, courage and having fun. We believe that we should all live life to the fullest and have fun while we’re doing it. That’s our main message.”

“Musically, we’re like a cherry-red ’69 Dodge Charger — a pulsing super-bee filled with charisma — all we wanna do is take you on the ride of your life.”

FALLING RED only transform into touring-band super-sluts once they’re on stage. By day they’re honourable, hard-working, bucolic countrymen. By night the energy of their Sunset Strip musical lineage becomes clear. That’s when the crotch-rocking, madcap fury is properly revealed. It’s also when you find that this band are very capable of kick-ass guitar, stick-it-to-ya percussion, explodinating bass lines and intoxicating songs that seem filled with electroluminescence.

FALLING RED create a real emotional impact. “All we wanna do is take our fans with us, on our tour bus, forever…”

Falling Red, tip to toe:




Hell In My Eyes



My Town, My City






Hammersmith Apollo - Behind The Scenes
Filmed exclusively usinng HTC One XL handsets (2012)



We Are Reckless
Official Lyric Video (2012)



Intro / Break Me
Live At Hammersmith Apollo (2012)



Come On Down
Official Music Video (2011)





Album Reviews

"Empire of the Damned is a scintillating second showing for Falling Red. Full of fat riffs & colossal choruses. If this album fails to gain the attention & accolades it deserves and elevate the band to the " next level " then there’s something seriously wrong with the music industry movers and shakers." 4.5/5



"Each song on this power ridden album reveals an alternative sound matching their alternative vibe. With standards set to a competitive level against similar rock bands, Falling Red are a band whose determination to conquer all will allow them to do so, collecting new followers along the way" 4/5



"Basically emulating the likes of Crue, Skid Row and even Ugly Kid Joe, you just know what Falling Red are going to sound like, though across Empire Of The Damned they have nonetheless made a pretty damn good record! Killer riffs slice through Disposable, Break Me and We Are Reckless. Just crank it up, turn your brain off and embrace!" KKK



"Empire Of The Damned" is a giant step forward, almost as if the band have decided that now is the time to get serious. I really am struggling to think of a British band (they hail from the wastelands of Carlisle) that have taken this style and run with it which such purpose; if they were American, then there would be much more hype! 9/10



"This record is packed with eleven high energy tracks, each with complementary melodic tones and aggressive riffs. This band is looking promising for the future" 7/10



“You know, it used to be lonely out there, but we are this heavy-metal train coming through your town and finding more bands getting on our train and riding with us. We toured Europe with a bunch of groups, particularly one called Falling Red, and they f***ing rocked man.”

Michael Starr (Steel Panther) - Interview, December 2012


“The riffs are served with barbs and the hooks are ground glass in honey, marking them out as definite ones to watch - and watch out for!”

Paul Travers
Kerrang! Magazine - Nov 2012


“There hasn't been a young band playing sleazy rock 'n' roll with such black-hearted purpose as UK upstarts Falling Red for many years. Snotty, slightly aloof and snarling with energy and hooks, this is one band who aren't merely selling a faded salute to glam history - this is their lifeblood, and they're among the best the UK has to offer.”

Steve Beebee
Kerrang! Magazine - Oct 2010



“You’d have to be a bit dead in the head not to notice the electricity coursing through this packed venue this evening. Playing in Sauna like temperatures, the revivals newest hopefuls are, figuratively if not literally, on fire tonight. UK mob Falling Red are emerging as potential genre champions, and their venomous anthems are unleashed in a speeding flood of riffs & hooks. Their 30 minute blast of smeared eyeliner punk n roll is simply ace!.”

Steve Beebee
Kerrang! Magazine - Sep 2010


“Wild Cumbrian four piece giving Sweden’s sleaze rockers a run for their dirty money”

AOR Magazine (Classic Rock)
First Glance (full page article) – Sept 2011


“A British band to believe in.... Attitude, musicianship & some dazzling hooks.”

Classic Rock Magazine
High Hopes – August 2010


"Falling Red's gigs are already infamously energetic and unforgettable and their future is as big as their ballsy sing-alongs. Time to paint the town Red!"

"Think powering, thundering rock that was made for ladies n skimpy undies to gyrate to, men to rock out to and for large amounts of whiskey to be drunk to."

"Shake The Faith will remind you of why you fell in love with rock 'n' roll in the first place…"

"Rock gods-in-the-making"

Big Cheese Magazine
Varioius Features & Reviews - 2010

Online Live reviews 2013/2017

“The support band tonight are starting to shake some trees and their reputation made its way to my ears from friends down south. First tick in the box was the bands image, scruffed up jackets, spiked hair, low slung guitar and dark make up. OK, we have the image but what about the most important factor…the music and within about 30 seconds of opener “ We Are Reckless” you have a huge hell yeah from me. A blistering guitar intro, sleazy assed riff, 90s dipped gutter rock with vocals from Hollywood Boulevard.
They were an instant hit for me! With two albums released it must have been hard to pick just eight songs for this setlist but they went for the jugular with songs like “Outcast”, the amazing “Empire Of The Damned” and the set closer “ If you Ain’t Down With The Rock” A song that got everyone singing “You Can Fuck Right Off”. What a way to bow out.
This band really stood out for me and I see a lot of support bands at gigs. The talent is overflowing, the riffs are down and dirty and the balls are full to bursting with Machismo. This band are a headline act if I have ever seen one.”

Jacemedia.com - 2016 supporting Ugly Kid Joe The Garage Glasgow


“The band kicked off with killer sounding riffs and their anthemic songs, with rich gravelly vocals from singer Rozey reverberating around the venue and the heaviness of the rhythm was deliciously loud. ‘No Sanctuary’ was a riff-drenched guitar fest before exploding into ‘We Escaped A Cult’ and the crowd were pumping fists into the air throughout. It may have been the second time RARC had heard the Billy Idol cover ‘Rebel Yell’ within a few weeks, but the Falling Red version brought with it a metal influence to it, with powerful guitars and singer Rozey seemed even more snarling than Billy Idol ever was. The energetic ‘Come On Down’ with its impressive guitar solo went down well with the crowd as they sang along with the chorus and ‘We Are Reckless’ and ‘Empire Of The Damned’ sounded immense live. Stopping for a quick photo opportunity with the crowd, ‘Disposable’ picked up the pace before a little game was played during ‘If You Ain’t Down With The Rock’, as they got the crowd to finish the other words after the title and no doubt the people in the bar downstairs must have wondered what was going on, but by that point the crowd were having such a good time that they just didn’t care, rounding off what had been an excellent set.”

Rockandrollcreations.com - 2015 Camden Barfly London


“Falling Red bring along some props to brighten up the place a bit. A couple of trash cans puthering out smoke ups the expectancy a little bit for the next dose of sleaze. As usual Falling Red are great, a proper rock band to let your hair down to and are the first band of the day on this stage to put on a visual show as well as some kick-ass music. Taking tips from early Buckcherry, Backyard Babies and a bit of Wednesday 13 they have a perfect rock show under their belts. Big sing-along bits on tracks such as ‘Come On Down’ get the crowd involved. Things are hotting up!”

CackBlabbath.com - Hard Rock Hell AOR 5 2016


“The last time I caught up with North of England based rockers Falling Red, it was at a small Scottish festival back in 2014 where they were billed as Special Guests to The Dirty Youth (who they proceeded to blow off stage!), so it was a long overdue catch up with the band here.
They were always an exuberant live act and they've lost none of their sparkle or passion in the intervening years with front man Andrew Roze having the audience in the palm of his hand throughout their set. Currently writing their third album, the band pulled a large audience with a solid set that reminded me (and a few others) what a great band they are. 
An old favourite, 'Empire of The Damned' went down a storm as did set closer 'If You Ain't Down with the Rock', after which the band took their final bows but the audience were making so much noise it was disappointing that they weren't able to return to the stage for a quick encore. 9/10

Metaltalk.net - Hard Rock Hell AOR 6 2017


“TWith two albums and an EP, the next band on stage, Falling Red have a great catalogue of music to choose from. From the first few notes of ‘Break Me’, from their 2014 album ‘Empire of the Damned’ they had the growing audience hooked and engaged with their set before moving on to other tracks from their later works including ‘No Sanctuary’, ‘We are Reckless’ and ‘Disposable’.  Rozey is a very engaging frontman who managed to get the audience to join in the final song (If You Ain’t Down With The Rock) with its simple lyrics and ear worm tune. Their third album is well on its way to being funded through Pledge Music. It is definitely worth investing in, and we’ll look forward to catching this band again soon.”

Downthefrontmedia.com - Helsfest 2017


"Falling Red are a band who have gone from strength to strength over the years. They look good, they sound good and my God they are damn loud! If people are starting to feel tired from a long weekend of festival fun, then they better damn well wake up as the band aren’t going to let them just sit back and watch. They demand audience participation and high energy from the crowd, which takes some doing after three hard days of drinking.

One of the bands of the day for sure, this was easily the best set we have seen from Falling Red."



"The penultimate band of Les-Fest 2014 is north of England based Falling Red who are out to make the very most of their chance to show a new crowd what they're all about.

There's a large crowd to greet them as they make their way on stage and they waste no time in showing the audience their high energy show. Second song in, 'We Escaped A Cult', has the crowd jumping along as they enthusiastically sing-along. With their latest album, 'Empire Of The Damned' not long out, we're treated a good selection from the opus including the title track which pierces the cool night air as the keyboard intro comes over the PA. Everyone in the band gives one hundred percent to their performance, and they are rewarded with huge roar of approval showing that this is a song they should be proud of and the audience seem to enjoy singing it as much as the band enjoy playing it.

At the end of the day, Falling Red are a tight live band and their special guest slot performance has earned them a new fans, so watch out for more from this band soon."




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